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Cost to climb Kilimanjaro

Many people enquire about the price package before going forClimbing Trekking which is obviously a good idea but your decision of choosing the right trekking service provider based on price can make your trek measurable. Undoubtedly it’s one of the most important factors to consider but it shouldn’t be the only one. People fail to make it to the summit because either they choose a cheap service provider or they choose short routes to save money. The shorter routes are less expensive but it comes with more challenges.

However, the price depends upon you as you could discover many trekking service providers with different range of prices charged for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Trekking Kilimanjaro is not a cheap deal because the trek operators need to pay various fees apart from their staff payments, food, and equipment which they will include in the package.

Followings are a few reasons why you have to pay high:

Conservation Fees - $70 per day per person

Trip operators have to pay Conservation Fees for each climber every day. On 7 daysLemoshoRoute Package, the conservation fees total $560 ($70 x 8 days).

Camping or Hut Fees - $50 to $60 per night per person

Camping or Hut Feesis paid for using the campsites or huts to rest on the mountain which is included in the package.

Rescue Fees- $20 per person per trip

Rescue Feesis paid if in any case the park authority has to contact the rescue team and this fee must be paid if there is a need or not.

Guide And Porter Entrance Fees - $2 per staff person per trip

Per person $2 has to be paid by the trip operator

Value-Added Tax - 18% of services

The Tanzanian govt. charges an 18% VAT to Kilimanjaro operators

Apart from these, your travel charges like flight cost, your baggage and specific clothes for trekking may add more expenses to the list.