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What To Pack For Tanzania Safari

Packing the right clothes and other personal belongings for theTanzania Safari Adventure not only keep you safe and comfortable but it also increases the enjoyment of the adventurous activities keeping you worried free.  When You Pack For Tanzania Safari Trip you should pack lightly and should make a wise choice, especially while packing clothes. Unless you don’t have any special occasion you shouldn’t bring any extra fancy or formal clothes. You should bring clothes that are loose-fitting garments and can be worn in layers that will ensure your comfort day and night, and you should bring only clothing that you do not mind getting soiled.


A Warm Sweater Or Light Fleece:  As the morning and evening can be colder in East Africa you may need some light warm clothes.

A Waterproof Jacket: You never know when there's going to be a sudden squall or downpour, so a waterproof jacket will help you.

Walking Shoes Or Boots: Bring at least one pair of walking shoes for a comfortable safari walking.

A Long Sleeve Dress Shirt And Trousers: Perfect for both sun protection and to ward off hungry mosquitoes, a long sleeve dress is a must.

Sunglasses: Sunglasses are good protection from the intense sun in East Africa.

A Hat: A good hat is a great way to avoid nasty burns or heatstroke while watching the game view.

Sunscreen And Lip Balm: A must-use product to save your skin and lips from the sun.

Medical Essentials:

Though the safari vehicles have their own medical kit in case of emergency, it’s always good to keep a few first aid kit items with yourself because Health And Safety On Tanzania Safari will be your main priority. You may need the following items:

  • Anti-malarial medication
  • Painkillers
  • Antihistamines for allergies and insect bites
  • Cold and flu medication
  • Anti-Diarrhea medication
  • Medicines for re-hydration after diarrhea or sunstroke
  • Eye drops
  • Moisturizer for treating sunburn
  • Antiseptic lotion
  • Bandages and plasters


Apart from cloths and first aid kit you need to take care of few other things that you may need in your safari staying:

  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Batteries and/or charger for your camera
  • A flashlight or headlamp
  • Phone and charger
  • A good book
  • Tissues/Wet Wipes

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