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Acclimatization On Kilimanjaro

The best way to Acclimatization On Climbing Kilimanjaro is very simple, take more time and climb slowly. Though slower trekking rate became expensive, it makes a great difference to your health. All your body need is “Oxygen” and at the higher altitude the oxygen level goes significantly low and the body deals with this decrease in available oxygen by breathing faster and deeper.

Most people can climb up to 2,400 meters without experiencing the negative effects of altitude. Though we do know that going too high and too fast is the key cause of AMS; some other contributing factors are dehydration and overexertion at altitude.

The slower climb to the altitude will help you create more red blood cells thus your body will be warmer and more efficient to carry oxygen that is the reason to easier and safer for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Few Tips To Follow For Better Acclimatization:

  • Try to do pre-acclimatize before trekking Kilimanjaro
  • If you are a beginner high altitude trekker then choose a route that is at least 7-8 days long such as Machame Route or Lemosho Route
  • Go as slowly as possible; do not overexert yourself, even on the lower reaches
  • Drink loads of water; keep yourself dehydrated
  • Don’t drink alcohol, and try to avoid consuming caffeine as well as cigarettes
  • Do not ascend further if you have symptoms of altitude sickness  

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