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Best Time To Go Kilimanjaro

The weather of Mt. Kilimanjaro can surely affect the climb and your success chance hence Best Time To Go Kilimanjarois an important decision. Bad weather of Kilimanjaro not only makes the climbing measurable it also makes the climb very difficult and twice hard. Mount Kilimanjaro is near the equator there is no such thing as summer and winter. There are only dry and rainy periods as "dry seasons" and "wet seasons".

If you go on trekking in the wet season you will meet heavy rainfall and deep mud during the initial trekking and at the higher altitude, you will meet fogs and drizzles which will eventually get into your clothes slowly.

But the wet season will have cooler temperature, fantastic views and of course considerably low crowd that makes the trek pretty good.

Where the dry season makes the trekking easier with no raindrops and no muddy ways it will make you feel high temperature and crowdie routes. Though dry season is easy to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and the success rate is quite high.

The Weather onMt. Kilimanjaro - When toGo?

April – June:

The main rainy season lasts from the end of March through to mid-June, these months are so wet that many operators simply do not offer climbs in April/May at all.

June – August:

The rain gradually decreases, and the weather on Kilimanjaro is fairly dry and clear.

August – October:

August, September, and October are the peak climbing season on Kilimanjaro. The weather is good with many clear days and warmer than in June/July which results in a good crowd on the routes.


The weather on Kilimanjaro becomes more unstable and the number of climbers drops in October/November.


November to mid-December is the small rainy season and due to the raindrops the climbing rate decreases.


This is the second peak climbing season on Kilimanjaro and the traffic is expectedly high.


Mid-Jan to mid-March is also a good time to climb due to reasonable weather which is not too cold or too hot.

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