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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Rescue

The trekkers are assisted by a number of professional and well-experienced guides, assistant guides and a number of porters depending upon the group size. If any trekker fails to continue the trek or has Altitude Sicknessthey will be taken care by the guides and Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Rescueteam and descend the mountain and be taken to the hospital if needed to be.  

Rescue Process onKilimanjaro

Helicopter Rescue:

In the rare case when a climber feels seriously ill on Mount Kilimanjaro, a Helicopter Rescue conducted.  There are a number of experienced and well-trained pilots who can conduct these rescue operations on Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The aircraft can reach everywhere on the mountain.

Stretcher Rescue:

If a trekker is unable to climb further due to altitude sickness or get hurt in the foot on the way, the trekker is assisted by the guides and other Kilimanjaro park rangers rescue team by a stretcher. The initial rescue always happens by stretcher till they reach the point from where a rescue car or helicopter can do the evacuation.

Rescue Car:

If a trekker feels severe illness and needs medical attention urgently, the guides with them will connect with the ranger post and will ask to rescue the climber. Then ranger post will send a rescue car to pick the sick climber and transfer to the hospital for medical assistance.

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