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Festivals In Tanzania

Being the cultural melting point of Africa; Tanzanian also celebrates a variety of festivals. This multinational country is home to 120 tribes apart from Christians and Muslims hence with so many cultures the land has a massive cultural celebration all around the year. Tanzanian Festivals are dedicated to food, dance, music, art, and craft as well as sports. However, there are many festivals celebrated throughout the year we are presenting 10 widely celebrated Festivals In Tanzania.

Sautiza Busara Festival: Sautiza Busara is an African music festival celebrated in Zanzibar every year in February. It’s a showcase of the rich African and Swahili music.

Karibu Travel And Tourism Fair:The Karibu Travel And Tourism Fair, largest tourism fair in East Africa is held annually at Arusha where more than 250 exhibitors present their local tourism products and service providers.

Mwaka Kogwa Festival: Mwaka Kogwa Festival is the Shirazi New Year. The New Year starts with the men going for the banana stalk fight to mark the end of all the misunderstandings and bitterness and burn the stalks as a symbol of starting the year anew. Later at the night, the beaches are decorated too for grand banquets where people celebrate and dance all night away.

Serengeti Cultural Festival: It is an annual event that congregates people from across the world at Serengeti National Park and the Lake Zone; this festival is a showcase of traditional art and dance Festival In Tanzania.

Kilimanjaro Marathon: The Kilimanjaro Marathonis held every year in March at the foothills of Kilimanjaro. It’s a 42KM running which ends at Moshi stadium.

Zanzibar International Film Festival: This Zanzibar International Film Festivalis the largest film and art festival in East Africa held every year in the month of July.

Nyama Choma Festival: A festival that’s dedicated to food and culture. Nyama Choma Festival means roasted meat in Swahili language and Tanzania arrange this largest barbeque festival every year in March.

Swahili Fashion Week: The biggest annual fashion event of East-Central Africa is held every year in between November to December aims to provide a platform to the Swahili speaking designers.

Zanzibar Beach And Water Sports Festival: The festival is held in Zanzibar for 3 days in the month of Nov-Dec to celebrate the beach life and water sports.

Unification Day: Unification Day is the biggest national festival celebrated in Tanzania. The Unification day is celebrated to honor the union of Zanzibar and Tanzania that forms today’s United Republic of Tanzania. You can see a sea of people participating in March, waving flags and preaching the proverb.

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