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Food And Drinks On Tanzania Safari

Justifying its title “a unique place on earth” Tanzania also offers a test of uniqueness in its food too. Your test bud will touch 3 flavours when you will eat any typical Tanzanian Food. Tanzanian cuisine is actually made off East African flavours with the best in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine.

While Tanzanian Safari Packagesare designed to give the travellers a unique game experience, untamed wilderness, the safaris take care that the food should not be any less delectable.  

Tanzanian Breakfast:

Like much of east Africa, Tanzanian Breakfast is very light which includes tea or coffee as a beverage assisted by pieces of bread or chapatti. Another common breakfast is a sweet porridge made from millet or sorghum named as Uji.

Tanzanian Lunch:

Ugali, a starchy side made of cornmeal or sorghum that widely uses in Tanzania Lunch. Meat consumption is very common in Tanzania which you can expect to be a part of your lunch or dinner. You can enjoy your meat in the form of goat, beef, chicken, and fish.

Tanzanian Dinner:

Atypical Tanzania Dinner is not much different than lunch. You can enjoy grilled meat and sauces, endless ugali, and perhaps rice mixed with spices. At the coastal area and on the Zanzibar Beach Holidays, you will find coconut or banana as common flavours.

Must Test Dishes Of Tanzania:

NyamaChoma: NyamaChoma is a culinary treasure that Tanzania has to offer. It’s a plate of roasted or grilled meat that covers all your nutritional bases.

Pilau:Pilau is seasoned rice that’s a very simple, elegant and filling dish. 

NdiziKaanga: One of the most popular and famous dishes in East Africa is NdiziKaanga. These are fried plantations or banana often served as snacks or as a side to the main course. 

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