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Food & Drink on Zanzibar

Just like its culture and beaches the Food & Drink On Zanzibaris also marvellous.

The drink:

When you are in Zanzibar you need to drink a lot of liquid as most of the time the temperature stays high. You can try fresh coconut water that’s really good for your health as it contains rich antioxidants. You can easily get it anywhere at Zanzibar.

Being a former German colonial you will find a lot of variety in beer. The most popular beer brand amongst safari tourists is “Kili” which is the purest beer without any cornstarch. Other than Kili, you will get to test some finer beer such as Tusker which comes in 500ml bottles however few hotels keep 350ml bottles and the “gourmet” Ndovu (350 ml).  Wines are mostly imported from South Africa. You can find some French or Italian brands depending upon which hotel you are staying in.  


Zanzibar Foodis rich in spices as the island holds the title as Spice Island. Meat is an essential part of food in Zanzibar. Beef and chicken are imported frozen from Tanzania, Kenya or South Africa. Meat is mostly served with the typical pilau rice or rice cooked in any other form. If you are a vegetarian, Zanzibar has a variety of vegetable cuisine to offer which may include Potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, green peppers, cabbage, spinach, onions as they are grown in Zanzibar.

If you are the health-conscious person you would love the variety of the fruit as you can find all kind of fruits including bananas, sweet pineapples, mangoes, mandarins, oranges, passion fruit, watermelon, pawpaw, avocado, jack fruit, etc.

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