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Health And Safety On Kilimanjaro

Trekking Kilimanjaro can bring you the most exciting and overwhelmingly satisfaction but undoubtedly it comes with few challenges. To secure your Health And Safety On Kilimanjaro,you need to armor with proper and useful information that will make your trekking successful. 

Physical Preparation ForKilimanjaro:

Once you have made your decision forClimbing Mount Kilimanjaro,which is the largest mountain in Africa, you need to Physically Prepare For Summit Kilimanjaro.

  • Talk to your Doctor or Physician about the state of your own health, perhaps you need to do a health check-up.
  • Let your physician know any past or present health issues with you, as well as any allergies or current medications.
  • Train your body; running and biking are also very good and at least take you outdoors so you can test and boost your stamina.
  • Stair masters and climbing machines at the gym will work if outdoor training isn’t an option for you.
  • Train your mind; mental fitness is as much required as your physical fitness to trek the mountain.

Safety When On The Mountain:

The effects of high altitude mountain sickness kick in once you reach the peak of 2400mm height and you may feel light headache, sleep disturbance, fatigue, shortness of breath and dizziness.

  • Take care of your diet on the high altitude and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated
  • Choose long routes to trek
  • Avail good quality gear and equipment
  • Observe the principle of climb high and sleep low
  • Get the necessary vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis
  • Carry a first aid kit including bandages, tape, blister kit, antibacterial and antifungal cream, antibiotics flu medications, throat lozenges, and altitude medications
  • Get a travel and health insurance without fail to have successful and worried free trek

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