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Tanzania Money& Currency

The Tanzanian Shilling is the Currency OfTanzania. The Tanzania bills are like Tsh500, Tsh1000, Tsh5000 and Tsh10, 000, and coins of Tsh1, Tsh5, Tsh10 (although these three are rarely encountered), Tsh20, Tsh50.

The easiest way to access money while Tanzania Safari is accessing ATMs using a visa card. This will help you accessing money and to pay your bills in Tsh.

Credit cards are not much acceptable in Tanzanian Accommodations except few established lodges. You have to rely on cash for paying the hotel payments hence you need to carry a huge amount of cash. You can though pay in US dollars at few places like established lodges as they accept the US dollars.

It’s very easy to spot an ATM in major towns, and all are open 24 hours. The internationally linked machines allow you to withdraw shillings with a Visa or MasterCard to a maximum of Tsh300, 000 or Tsh400, 000 per transaction.    

Exchanging Money:

  • Change your cash at banks or foreign exchange bureaus in major towns and as the rate of commission varies you can try shop around.
  • Foreign exchange bureaus are usually quicker, and open longer hours than banks, although smaller towns don’t have them. You can exchange your money here.
  • The most useful bank for foreign exchange is NBC, with various branches all over the country.

Through Tanzania Safari, need to know about Tanzania Money & Currency please don’t hesitate to contact Quest Horizon Safaris for further information!