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Things To Do In Zanzibar

Few places in the world justify the title “Heaven on Earth” and Zanzibar surely tops the list. The white powdered sands, the turquoise waters, the palm-trees, and the world-class hotels make it a perfect place to lose yourself. If you are wondering what you should do at Zanzibar, well there are plenty of things, to be honest, the list is actually endless though here we have listed the top 6 Things To Do In Zanzibar:

Explore Stone Town

The Stonetownis the oldest town of Zanzibar city. Whether you arrive by air or sea you will cross this city, the city is a perfect blend of winding alleys and old Arabic-style buildings. Soak up the local culture by sipping a cup of coffee from a local vendor and discover unique little things at every turn of the city.

Watch Acrobatics AndCapoeira On The Beach

Most evenings you will spot local boys performing Acrobatics on the beach outside the Livingstone Beach Restaurant in Stone Town. You can find a good gathering of crowds who love to watch these amazingly talented young superstars.


Nungwi is the third largest settlement in Zanzibar, is almost an hour drive from stone town which is a must-visit place and also provides a long line of quality restaurants, bars, and hotels that provide ample entertainment and variety. Similarly, Kendwa beach offers a number of great restaurant options with fewer crowds.

Watching The Sunset

Synonym to most beautiful sunset Zanzibar has a number of unique locations where you can just sit or lie down while watching the red sun going down.

Giant Turtles OnPrison Island

The island offers a unique and incredible opportunity to visit the giant turtles mostly in the afternoon. Some of these turtles are 180 years old.

Full Moon Party AtKendwa Rocks

Every month you can head to the North Beaches and experience the Full Moon party on Kendwa Rocks which showcases some of the best local singers, DJs and acts in Tanzania, which brings a cultural feel to an exciting event.

Spice Plantation Tour:

Known as Spice Island Zanzibar is a place growing a wide variety of spices. You should pay a visit to these aromatic spice plantations. 

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