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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Zanzibar

Zanzibar is the synonym to breathtaking Island, picturesque views, stunningly perfect beaches, unique culture, and the turquoise-blue water. To be honest the list is endless why Zanzibar Beach Holidaysattracts millions of visitors worldwide every year and why it’s been paradise to the beach lovers.

Here we have enlisted 5 Reasons To Visit Zanzibar:

Dreamlike Beaches

The Unguja Island which is simply known as “Zanzibar Island” internationally should be the first and foremost stop of your trip.  The long stretches of the coastline, the white sheet spread sandy beaches; the glittering blue water can make you fall in love with the beach. The beach further offers a lot of water sports like kayaking, water skiing, and windsurfing; scuba diving and snorkelling.

Stone Town

Stonetown City is rich culture and magnificent history of this age-old city definitely deserve a visit. This city is declared as a world heritage center in the year 2000. You can explore some of the finest art and craft, clothing and other Zanzibar’s product in the markets of stone town.

Spice Tours

Acquiring the title of “Spice City” Zanzibar is a great place to feel the aroma of the spice plantation. Formerly introduce by the Arab settlers these plantations have developed into a botanical wonder of exotic species.


One word simply describes the Zanzibar cuisine that is “Delicious”. Zanzibar Cuisinehas a touch of Portuguese, Indian and Middle Eastern and the result is delicious. Of course, fresh seafood is the main attraction of the cuisine.

Romantic Getaway

If you want to celebrate your newly taken vows and want to get lost within one other then Zanzibar is an ideal place to spice things up. With some of the finest lodges that keep a sharp eye on your privacy is the paradise for the honeymooners.

In the end, your belief the system will work wonders for you. Just visit us @ Quest Horizon Safaris to be acquainted with more info about Best5 Reasons To Visit Zanzibar.