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Training To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Apart from altitude sickness, the primary factor that prevents people to touch the peak is the lack of preparation before climbing the largest freestanding mountain in Africa having an altitude of 5,895m. Training To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro is as much about your physical endurance as it is about the mental stamina of the climber.

Aerobic Training

The Aerobic or Cardio builds the cardiovascular system which is an essential factor when training to ClimbingMount Kilimanjaro because a strong cardiovascular system will help you process limited oxygen in a more efficient way. 

Strength Training

In addition to Aerobic Training Building Strength of your core muscles will help you on your trekking as you will be carrying light-weight pack for a few hours a day.

Include the followings in your exercise list:

  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Front and Reverse Leg-curls (thigh muscle and hamstrings)
  • Step aerobics
  • Sit-ups
  • Kettle-bell rows / swings
  • Shoulder presses
  • Back and shoulder flies 

Practice Hiking:

Take small hiking for at least about 5-6 hours; try to take at least 2-3 hiking prior to go on the Hiking OfKilimanjaro. PracticeHikingis something you are passionate about you can try Mount Meru Trekking first which is considered as the “little” sister of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Walking is the best practice because that’s what you are going to do on Kilimanjaro; miles of walking. If you are not able to find any suitable options to hike, you can try walking every day.

Mental Stamina:

Mental Staminais as necessary as physical fitness. Try out marathon or half marathon to make your mind fit to push your body further.

Regardless of age, weather and other opposition everyone can go hiking on Kilimanjaro by taking care of few things.

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