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Where to Stay In Tanzania Safari

Before booking a safari vacation do proper research on the Where to Stay In Tanzania Safari and make sure where you would like to spend your holidays.

Tanzania Accommodation has specifically devided into 3 types of accommodations:

  • Tanzania Lodges
  • Tanzania Luxury Tented Safari Camps
  • Tanzania Mobile Camps

Tanzania Lodges:

You can find a wide variety of lodges from three-star levels, to ultimate five-star luxuries. These lodges are permanent structures built of bricks and are larger having very spacious rooms. Tanzania Lodges come with many amenities like pools, restaurants, and spas.

These are most ideal for families traveling with children.

Tanzania Luxury Tented Safari Camps:

There is something thrilling about staying in a Tanzania Luxury Tented Safari Camps rather than putting yourself inside brick and glasses. If you are someone who gives the luxury the utmost priority then a luxury camp can satisfy your need giving you good exposure to nature and luxury. The Tanzania Luxury Tented Safari Camps are usually fully equipped en-suite bathrooms, private verandas, and elegant furniture. You can spend your nights listening to the wild sounds while comfortably cuddling in your bed.

These are most ideal for couples and those who tend to stay in privacy.

Tanzania Mobile Camps:

These are the most common types of accommodation provided by almost all safari service provider and very budget-friendly. Tanzania Mobile Camps are usually roaming camps. These camps are semi-permanent settled by the camp operator and move around, following herds of migratory animals. The best of these camps are; they are inexpensive and they provide a great opportunity to truly connect with nature.

These are ideal for solo travelers and friend groups who are in a tight budget.

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