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Zanzibar Nightlife

Thinking about where to spend nights at Zanzibar; well Zanzibar has to offer enormous places to hang out at night. From casual beach parties to discos Zanzibar has to offer a variety of nightlife entertainment for everyone. If you are not a huge fan of music, dance and parties you can quietly spend your night relaxing and watching the sunset over the ocean through the rose-tinted glass. Thus Zanzibar becomes a paradise for the beach lovers.

Africa House:

A popular hotel in Zanzibar is the best location to watch the red sun-set. Stop your wheels at Africa house and step on to the first floor to enjoy the sun going down to the Indian Ocean. Apart from Africa House, you can catch a few silent moments while enjoying the sunset at 6 Degrees South in the stone town and Gerry’s Bar and Restaurant at Nungwi Beach.

Stone Town:

This cultural and year aged stone town has to offer a good range of restaurants, bars, and clubs on the island. The clubs at the stone town can be a bit expensive however you can try the chilled beer at the bars which are relatively cheap. The bars and clubs play a variety of genres of music. So if you want to move your feet, stone town can be a good option for you.

Beach Bars:

If you are not in a mood to give a visit to the usual clubs and bars just go on the beach; parties can be found up and down on the beaches of Zanzibar.

Whatever is your cup of tea, Zanzibar has plenty of options to engage your nights.