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Zanzibar Shopping

Suitable to every budget Zanzibar has to offer a good range of the market to explore and shop around. If you are confused about where to explore the shops here is a quick guide for you:

Main Shopping Market (The stone town):

The most iconic areas of Zanzibar with a touch of history and culture are a great place to do some shopping. At the stone town, you can find a good number of boutiques specializing in local goods such as clothing, jewelry, textiles, and antiques. Kenyatta Road on the stone town is well known for its specialty stores. Eco Echo is quite a good place to buy affordable and authentic Tanzanian gifts for family and friends. The best part is that a percentage of each shilling spent at Eco Echo to purchase benefits to local communities. The shares of money help them to improve water supplies and education and to develop their communities. Colorful Masai bead bracelets and earrings, woven handbags, beaded sandals, and luxury kikoi bathrobes and towels are the most purchased items by tourists from Eco Echo.

Darajani Bazaar:

It is Zanzibar’s most buzzing place and is a go-to place for local produce and goods. The food available in this market is really good. Dajani Market is great for clothes, local arts, and craft.

Department Store:

A small shop located in the middle of the residential part of Nungwi Village is well known as the department store where you can find everything from toiletries to paper goods and groceries. 

There are few special shops like Memories of Zanzibar which offers a good range from touristy souvenirs to local clothing and textiles. Shop at Zanzibar and pack some memories to take with you.