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Zanzibar Travel Guide: Do’s and Don’ts

When traveling to a new place you should take care of a few things that you need to do on your trip and a few things that are not suitable and you should avoid. Zanzibar is also not any different; here we are enlisting a few things that you should take care of:

Do fly to Dar es Salaam and stay up to one night at least and explore the beauty of this place before going to your new destination after your safari adventure.

Don’t take a ferry ride to Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam as it’s very long and tiring, it’s advisable to fly to Zanzibar as it’s more easy and comfortable as well as take lesser time.

Do visit the petite islands off of Unguja; explore this beautiful island reachable by dhow or a short flight. The place will serve you with both stunning beach restaurants and a slice of sad history how a former detention center for rebel slaves; it became a prison and then a quarantine station.

Don’t limit yourself to this one island as Zanzibar has to provide a good range of beaches with its own uniqueness as well as don’t forget to pay a visit to the center of history and culture; stone town.

Do hire a taxi or ask your lodge to book you one to explore the city as it’s safer.

Don’t always rely on public transport as it can be very congested, and the driving is way out of decency.

Do bargain when you shop, be friendly with the local people and try to spend some time exploring the local people’s lifestyle.

Don’t roam alone in the lonely beaches after late evening, don’t take a photograph of local people without asking them, and don’t wear too exposing clothes as it’s against the culture of Zanzibar. 

Take care of the above-mentioned things and enjoy your holidays at Zanzibar.