Come Across To The Hadzabe Tribe and Experience Their Existence During Tanzania Cultural Tours

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June 7, 2019
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By visiting Tanzania, people from around the world are able to experience different cultures and immerse you in African life. Here you will see the African tribes especially those of Tanzania want to stay connected with nature and according to them they are happy what nature has given them to survive. Numerous tourists who have visited these tribes during the Tanzania Cultural Tours have said that the following facts about the African tribes:-         

1)    These tribes have their own way of life to survive along with nature.

2)    The wildlife is their biggest wealth and resources.

So today we are going to know about Hadzabe tribe living deep inside the Tanzania bushes and you will be quite amazed to know about the way they conduct themselves inside the bushes:-     

About Hadzabe Tribe

Starting your Tanzania Safari Tours by meeting Hadzabe Tribe will be just awesome and in wild Tanzania, they are known as hunter-gatherers. Here is what more you can know about them:-

  • They are a native ethnic tribe and their home is in the Rift valley near the Serengeti plateau. Even though they are less than 1000 people in the tribe, very little has changed in their way of life in the last thousand years.  
  • Interestingly, Hadzabe people are nomadic in nature and they don’t have any livestock and the permanent site they call home. Moreover, they exclusively survive on the meat they hunt and kill. They are the only tribe in entire Tanzania that has permission to hunt game in the area where they live but not in the big game reserves containing big animals.    

Hadzabe Culture

Seriously, the world where the Hadzabe tribe lives in is complete without any modern conveniences.  They are skilled people who can hunt and scavenge from their land in the rainy & dry seasons and adjust their diet accordingly and this is what their culture is all about:- 

  • While meeting the Hadza people through the Tanzania Cultural Tours you will really come to know about numerous fascinating facts such as they are completely alien to counting and it simply means there are no numbers in their vocabulary.
  • And guess what, they have no written history as well instead they rely on their words to pass stories and memories from one generation to another. They also don’t use a clock to track the passing of time neither a calendar to know the days.   

Hunting And Foraging

As they are famously known as hunter-gatherers, so this is how men & women of the tribe conduct themselves. The men are the hunters of the tribe and the women, as well as children, are tasked to gather berries, baobab-fruits & edible tubers. Now, this is what they can do more:-

  • As hunters, the Hadzabe are strangely adept using a hunting style that is just amazing to see. Moreover, they use bows and arrows dipped in poison extracted from Adenium shrub. The strategy is really impressive. 
  • On top of all that, they also use camouflage to lure their wild game. They also mastered in gathering honey with the help of an African bird known as Honeyguide, which guides the Hadza hunter to a beehive. Now the bird collaborates with Hadzabe people because the bird gets wax after the removal of honey. So, it’s just give & take.        

Getting There

Now Lake Eyasi is the only place where you can be able to meet the members of the Hadzabe tribe. The lake is located in the northern region of Tanzania which is approximately an hour’s drive away from the Karatu region:-

  • Heavily beautiful, Lake Eyasi is found in one of the rift valleys. It is also home to some of the numerous bird species along with the Hadzabe tribe.  
  • So the best way to get there from Karatu is Arusha, a city in eastern Tanzania.

Visiting The Hadzabe Tribe

As the Hadzabe are a nomadic tribe, it is not so easy to meet them at all. Thus the best way to meet such an extraordinary tribe is by booking your Tanzania Adventure Safari through Quest Horizon Safaris. This is what you are getting through this meeting:-

1)    Being a hunter-gatherer doesn’t mean that they aren’t friendly. Actually, they have the skills to make sure that you have a great experience.

2)    Additionally, the local guide from our end will stay with the tour group for the entire time to translate the clicking language of the Hadzabe tribe to meet these unique people.  

Not just the Hadzabe tribe, but there are numerous tribes in the region that have their own set of rules in the wild and our Tanzania Cultural Tours will help numerous backpackers to see and feel the world of Pandora for real from the movie ‘Avatar’ by coming to Tanzania. Just visit us @ to know more.

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