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A Rainy Season Guide For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro– Whether To Do It, How To Do It – And What To Expect?

A Rainy Season Guide For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro– Whether To Do It, How To Do It – And What To Expect?
  • April 16, 2019
  • By Quest Horizons Safaris

Do you need to avoid the crowds and enjoy the trek to the extreme? In spite of the fact that the odds of experiencing rain amid these time frames are altogether more noteworthy than Kilimanjaro's dry season. An extensive mountain like Kilimanjaro holds its very own climate, which is just unpredictable. In this way, the open door for great weather or foul weather should not be considered when Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro has endeavoured.

If you are planning for a rainy trek, then just follow the following:

► Northern Part of the Mountain

a) Northern part receives less rainfall than its southern counterparts during this harsh session.

b) It further means that Rongai Route is preferred when climbing up during the rainy season.

c) Apart from that, Marangu Route is also a good route that offers huge hut accommodations and the plus point is that most of these hut accommodations are empty that means more space for you & your teammates.   

► Quality Rain Gear Is Essential

Quality Rain Gear Is Essential

a) This is the second most important thing that you will like to have for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro during the messy rainy season.

b) Climbers must make sure that they have a waterproof, breathable jacket as well as pants & boots.

c) Such tours also require day pack & duffel and please remember to protect them from the rain with backpack cover. Additionally, everything inside the pack & duffel must be stored in zip lock bags as well.        

Choose Your Route Carefully

Choose Your Route Carefully

a) During the rainy season, the bar of the difficulty of the route increases while Climbing Kilimanjaro because of the worsening weather so do the dangers. Thus, it will better to choose a route that is mostly dry even during the rainy season.

b) Furthermore, also ensure that the route you have chosen has some good resting huts for the night otherwise the rain can make you wet resulting in the loss of body warmth meaning the risk of hypothermia will be greater. 

c) Moreover, you must have good body warmers that can safeguard you from the hazards of the rainy season while scaling the mountain.

► Take A Warm & Hot Diet During The Rainy Season

Take A Warm & Hot Diet During The Rainy Season

a) While resting in the huts for the night, it’s good to have some warm & fatty diets that will keep your body warm and give you the much-required energy for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for the very next day.

b)    Please go for some alcoholic vials capable of keeping a body warm even in a cold climate. You can take one before you sleep inside the hut for the night. 

► Take An Expert Guide

a)    That’s correct, you have to take an expert guide who can lead you the way up to the mountain with ease.

b)    Furthermore, he must also be a medical expert who can cure or take care of you if you get any kind of altitude sickness on the route.

c)    Third, an expert guide with his years of experience know all the safe places on the mountain in case the weather gets bad and there is no other place to stay or rest.    

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