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Plan Your Ideal Tanzania Safari Tours To The Most Unspoiled And Striking Katavi National Park

Plan Your Ideal Tanzania Safari Tours To The Most Unspoiled And Striking Katavi National Park
  • April 18, 2019
  • By Quest Horizons Safaris

Are you planning for Tanzania Safari Tours? Do you want to experience unspoiled African wilderness in Tanzania? Then, Kavati National park might be the right choice for you. Kavati is isolated, in pristine Tanzania at its best, and it guarantees an exciting, former taste of Africa in its most flawless and most genuine form for the intrepid aficionados who make the journey.

Here are a few things which might help you to plan your ideal safari to Kavati national Park:

► Katavi National Park’s History

Arranged along the rift escarpment in Tanzania's uttermost western spans, Katavi National Park in Tanzania incorporates two touching game reserves to make the nation's third-biggest national park.

The park is named after the Wabende soul, Katabi, who as per local legend lives in a tamarind tree close Lake Katavi. Local people searching for favours from his soul still leave contributions at the foot of the tree.

The zone was first secured in 1911, amid German occupation and was later named Rukwa Game Reserve under British occupation until 1932. In 1974, a zone of a little more than 2200 km² was proclaimed a National Park and the bigger territory was at long last gazetted in 1996 and opened formally with the name Katavi National Park in 1998.

What To See In Katavi National Park

What To See In Katavi National Park?

The park brags a brilliant exhibit natural surroundings, which run from flood fields of thick reeds and thick waterways that overflow with hippo and crocodile to forests, open prairies, backwoods, and flawless seasonal lakes.

Wildlife in the park is abundant, with huge populaces of elephants, herds of buffalo, zebra, a wide assortment of impala, and giraffe. There are a lot of predators here, including lion, leopard, cheetah and wild pooches. The fundamental waterway through the park – the Katuma River – dries to a couple, sloppy pools amid the dry season and it is here where you can see immense quantities of hippo packed into little pools, with resultant frightening battles between the males.

► Modes Of Safari Like:

Katavi National Park with its dramatic landscape, abundant wildlife, rich birdlife, and luxury accommodation provides you one of the unbeatable safari experiences. With its pristine wilderness and solitude, it offers one of the best game viewing opportunities amid your Tanzania Safari Tours. Apart from the regular game drive, you can also indulge yourself in the following safaris:

Day Trip Safari:

Day Trip Safari

If you’re short of time, yet want to experience this unspoiled African Wildlife Safari, then a day trip to this mesmerizing park is just ideal for you to discover its pristine beauty in solace.

Camping Safari:

Camping Safari

Camping Safaris are for the intrepid traveller who wants to have an adventurous involvement in the wilds of Africa. Katavi has some of the best camps in Tanzania offering you the best Tanzania Camping Safari experience!

Walking Safari:

Walking Safaris are apt for travellers who want a real bush experience. This allows up-close interaction with the wilderness of Katavi.

Lodge Safari:

Lodge Safari

Katavi is known for its ‘off the beaten track’ nature, and with lodge safari, you can have probably the most traditional yet comfortable way to enjoy the park.

► Highlights Of Katavi National Park:

  • A remote area with refreshingly low quantities of yearly guests
  • Differed natural surroundings – from open fields to lush zones to seasonal lakes and streams
  • Most elevated mammal biomass of any Tanzanian park
  • A wide cluster of large game, including great herds of 1000+ buffalo
  • Densest populaces of hippo and crocodile in Tanzania
  • Staggering birdlife with more than 400 species
  • Various social/authentic destinations, including the amazing Katabi Tree

Activities To Do

Apart from the regular game drive, you can do a lot of activities at Katavi National Park such as:

  • Walking safari
  • Fly camping
  • Bird watching
  • Bush dinners

Hope that above-mentioned things are useful in planning the perfect safari to Katavi National Park amid you Tanzania Safari Tours. For more information on Katavi or other national parks, you can visit us @ Feel free to contact us!

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