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Safari Fashion- What To Wear On Tanzania Safari Tours

Safari Fashion- What To Wear On Tanzania Safari Tours
  • May 12, 2019
  • By Quest Horizons Safaris

Are you gearing up for your safari trip? It takes a lot of preparation, especially regarding clothes. Some people who are new to a safari trek simply believes that there is some sort of fashion parade going on in there and they turn up with their bright & bold clothes to get instant attention from others. Yeah! You will get the attention but not from people, from animals instead who might even think that you are some sort of delicious animal to munch upon. Turning up with a bad outfit while on Tanzania Safari Tours will pose a lot of problems for you.

So if you want to turn up with your best outfit, you can add on to lots of excitement with your buddies:-

The Definition Of Good Safari Fashion

In order to be a true safari chic, you need to do the following:-

  • Wearing jeans or any other type of tight fit clothes is going to dampen your safari spirits, so please don’t let that happen at any cost.
  • Go for your optimal safari colors such as Khaki, grey & green. All such colors help you a lot in going neutral & blending with nature. Thus, you will go unnoticed by animals.  There is an old saying, “don’t mess with nature & it won’t mess with you”.
  • Avoid bright colors such as red at all cost because such a color will attract predators and you are really not going to like their attention. Black & white attract mosquitoes & bugs so avoid them too.
  • It will be a lot better for you to carry safari clothing in shades such as grey, green, tan and beige for a two-week Tanzania Safari Holidays.
  • As a bonus point, pack the outfits that are both warm & cool in order to stay protected from sudden climatic changes in Tanzania.

Plan Your Safari Packing List

Now go for your ultimate safari packing list especially when you are going for Tanzania Safaris Adventure such as:-

  • Wide brimmed hat for the Serengeti plains.
  • A pair of lightweight cargo pants or ankle pants in Khaki & grey.
  • A safari or travel jacket.
  • A safari vest
  • For women, it will better to wear breathable tops during the Tanzania Safari Tours
  • A pair of head scarves if you don’t have UV protected sunglasses.
  • Some good pair of sweaters to stay away from nighttime chill-wind.
  • In case, you are visiting Tanzania during the green season, we will also recommend a raincoat along with light comfortable & waterproof shoes.
  • While going to places like Kilimanjaro, it will better for you to rent base layers. They will keep you warm during the hike.
  • Even go for trekking shirts that are breathable, lightweight & are made up of quick-drying polyester.

Just by possessing the exact outfits, you can outsmart everyone while having a great time during the Tanzania Safari Tours that comes once in your lifetime. Don’t squander such a nice opportunity by wearing the wrong set of clothes. To know more about our tours and packages, you can visit us anytime @

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