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What Makes Umbwe Route A Well-Deserved Reputation Of Being The Most Challenging Route

What Makes Umbwe Route A Well-Deserved Reputation Of Being The Most Challenging Route
  • April 11, 2019
  • By Quest Horizons Safaris

There are many routes that are capable of taking the trekkers up to the summit of the Kilimanjaro Mountain and all these routes have been made by the Mother Nature in such a way that both experienced as well as the inexperienced climbers could reach up to the top. But today, we are going to discuss one route, in particular, that is so challenging that only the highly experienced mountaineers can go up to the top. If you are risk taker than yes, Umbwe Route is just made for you that will test your physical & psychological limits to the very extreme.

Now, listed below are the natural features that make this specific Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Route so special & reputed than others.

► Features Of Umbwe Route

1)    Trail Conditions

a)    The trail itself is very steep and every climber who is trekking through this route will have to face the rocky outcrops and in some places, they will be holding on to the tree routes to haul themselves up to the slope.

b)    Those who have gone up to the high alpine zone will encounter strong winds & will be exposed to the elements of nature. 

2)    Scenery

a)    The scenery is the ultimate reward after going through the physically taxing journey. Any climber can treat his eyes and his camera by capturing the jaw-dropping views of The Umbwe Route.

b)    In the way to the Uhuru Peak through Umbwe, trekkers can see the striking red flower that many consider being the most beautiful on the mountain. 

c)    Rock climbers on Umbwe Route will be treated with wildlife marvels like Colobus and blue monkeys on the way.

3)    Umbwe Route Success Rate

Umbwe Route Success Rate

a)    The success rate of this route is between 60 to 70% and can be increased further if the climber can give some extra time for acclimatization.

b)    Apart from that, the Umbwe Route On Mount Kilimanjaro also requires extra physical & mental stamina to reach a peak in the stipulated time.

c)    The knowledge of all the hurdles and all previous experiences of climbing different mountains will be extremely useful.    

► Climbing The Umbwe Route

1)    Preparation

Any form of exercise or physical activity the climbers take in advance will help a lot in making your climb more enjoyable.

2)    Timing Of The Climb

Umbwe Route on Mount Kilimanjaro is open year-round for all hikers of the world. It will be better to plan your climbing between the months of January-March as well as June-October.

3)    Gear & Backpacking

Gear & Backpacking

While trekking through Umbwe to the summit, the backpackers will be supplied with some of the important gear requirements such as the waterproof gear, headlamps, sunglasses, appropriate hiking boots as well as personal medication.

4)    Physical & Mental Climbing Requirements

Physical & Mental Climbing Requirements

Hikers of all levels of fitness are welcome to climb Kilimanjaro through all the routes. But when Umbwe Route is concerned, a climber has to surpass all his physical & mental tests designed for checking his/her ability to climb the route. Besides that further extensive training is required to increase your stamina.

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As a result, it is clear that Umbwe Route is by far the most challenging route and it really needs excruciating preparation to defy all odds to reach the summit through this route. More than just physical ability & stamina, you will also need immense will power to achieve the ultimate objective. Visit us @ questhorizonsafaris.com to customize your Kilimanjaro hikes.

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